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click on the hi-res 'isetta source' site if you have a
broadband connection (i.e. cable modem, dsl, isdn,
etc.) or the patience of a saint. click on the lo-res
"isetta source' site if you don't like to wait for graphics.
the hi-res site works best with your screen resolution
set at 1020 by 768. 'isetta source' is mostly a
compilation of links about the isetta (iso, romi, bmw,
velam ). it also documents my (long-going) isetta
restoration project. i try to update the links every 3
months or so, but web sites come and go...
so if you like isettas, please come on in!
i also have limited information on BMW 600,
mopetta, BMW 700, and other minicars and

note: drag your mouse around the hi-res site
to find the 'hidden' links. also, on each site,
you may click the image on the top
left of any page or the 'isetta soure' graphic at the
bottom of many pages to get back to the home page.

enjoy the isettas!

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